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At today’s Leading Innovation 2012 Summer Boot Camp for Technology Enabled Initiatives, you’ve had an engaging and immersive learning experience filled with collaboration, hands-on activities, and reflection. Today you explored and examined the components of planning and implementing strategic and effective Common Core and Essential Standards to technology enhanced learning environments. Together with your colleagues, you’ve collaborated and discussed strategies for implementing technology-enabled learning. This Summer Boot Camp has provided you with time to engage with your colleagues, reflect on, and consider the strategies, tools, and resources necessary to deliver effective technology-enabled learning. There has been tremendous new learning that occurred on this energy-packed day!

By attending this Boot Camp, you are better prepared to leverage web-based tools, resources and best practices to enhance your teaching, and to impact student learning, leveraging technology in both the English and math content areas. As you plan to return to your schools and districts with this increased knowledge, it's time now to consider your critical area of needs in professional development, both online, and face-to-face. You've made the connections, let's consider your professional development needs going forward!

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this session, the participant will:

  • Identify Critical Professional Development (PD) needs applied to one's own practice
  • Learn about current and future PD Opportunities (both face-to-face and online) offered by the Digital Learning Collaborative
  • Review and complete the program evaluation on today's Leading Innovation 2012 Summer Boot Camp Institute
  • Commit to completing the "Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey" by June 29, 2012 (click here to complete the needs assessment survey is online)

Professional Development Needs Analysis

The first step in planning any professional development program is to first conduct a needs analysis. A needs analysis helps identify critical training needs to fill a knowledge gap, as well as the content, scope, and desired learning outcomes for program offerings. This ensures our professional development programs are aligned with critical needs --your critical PD needs!

Needs Analysis Activity

A simple needs analysis method for gathering information is a brief survey, combined with whole group discussion on the results of the survey. So we can better plan for your training needs in our future program offerings, we'd like to ask that you briefly identify your critical professional development needs by reflecting on three important questions, and submitting your responses online. Once your responses are recorded, we'll engage in whole group discussion. Then, we'll discuss plans on the horizon for both face-to-face PD and online PD and point you to an abundance of PD resources the DLC offers, that can meet your needs going forward.


Individually, take a few minutes to reflect on the following questions. Submit your responses on the survey form below.
Be prepared to share out your survey responses with your colleagues, as we view and discuss the survey responses all together.
  1. What do you identify as the 3 critical PD training needs for your school/district?
  2. Which device you'd like to learn more about?
  3. Which web 2.0 tool you'd like to learn more about?

Summit your responses in the PD Needs Analysis Survey Form
See the results: CLICK HERE

Professional Development Opportunities

Engages the educational use of technology to support student learning and instructional practice

Prepares participants to launch and sustain successful technology-enabled learning environments

The Digital Learning Collaborative offers professional development programs that combine face-to-face (F2F) capacity building institutes and online, cohort based programs (OPD). Our PD programs offer participants a hands-on, engaged, and immersive learning experience in the educational use of technology to support student learning and instructional practice. Participants glean a better understanding of the core elements necessary for launching and sustaining successful technology enabled learning environments. The technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) framework, an emerging professional knowledge lens, serves as the theoretical framework for our professional development programs. This approach supports administrators, teachers, and staff in effectively evaluating and appropriately selecting technology to support and enhance student learning.

Online Professional Development

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Capacity Building Programs with Online PD!

"Online professional development offered by the Digital Learning Collaborative empowers educators, instructional technology facilitators, media coordinators and educational leaders through a program of rigorous and standards-based online PD to prepare for digital transitions."

To meet a specific school/district's professional development needs, we offer online courses on a co-hort based, cost-recovery option.
We've partnered with EdTech Leaders Online, a national leader in online learning, to deliver online PD in a robust virtual environment.
In addition, we work with your school's identified early adopters and deliver custom online PD to facilitate capacity building --empowering teachers and leaders to achieve sustainable, engaged, and effective technology-enabled learning environments. We customize online PD to meet cohorts in their implementation efforts. Our flagship programs include:

Early Adopters Program: prepares lead teachers to spearhead technology enabled learning initiatives in their schools

Cohort Based Program: customized online PD for lead teachers, instructional technology facilitators, and media coordinators

Online Courses
    • Getting Started in the 1:1 Classroom
    • Innovate to Transform the 1:1 Classroom with Web 2.0 Tools
    • Social Studies Pedagogy in a 1:1 Classroom
    • English I and Web 2.0 Tools
    • Discovering Linear Functions through Technology

The Online Learning Experience
    • 6-week online facilitator led course
    • Interactive online learning with personalized facilitator feedback
    • Online community of practice among connected colleagues
    • Asynchronous --learn anytime, anyplace!
    • Rigorous, standards-based, with a defined scope and sequence
    • Offers the latest in web-based online learning technologies
    • job-embedded and relevant to your practice area

For more information, visit your single source for all online PD information--the OPDLearn wiki!

Interested in more information? Click here to submit your request for Online PD!

F2F Capacity Building Institutes

Technology Leaders' Institute *Coming October 2012

This face-to-face institute is a multi-day event for Instructional Technology Facilitators, Lead Teachers, and Professional Development Facilitators. Featured sessions include instruction in web tools, digital citizenship, PD scaffolding for technology enhanced curricula, and sessions on iPad and digital device applications to meet the capacity building needs of your school/district. The feedback you offer today on your critical needs will heavily impact what is offered this fall!

Interested in early bird updates and registration, contact Jaclyn Bellat jlbell@ncsu.edu