Leading Innovation 2012 Bootcamp

leadinginnovation2012 - Making Connections

Making Connections: How to Support Technology Enabled Learning


During this session, you will share your experiences from the different sessions you attended today. This will include a guided reflection on how concepts, tools, or resources utilized in the sessions may be used to potentially modify how you plan, create, and implement future professional development opportunities and/or classroom experiences that support technology enabled learning.

Boot Camp Reflection - Making Connections (20 min)

  1. Using the Google Form below, individually address responses to:
    • The focus and overarching concepts of the session
    • Tools/Resources that were utilized within the session
    • One or two ideas you learned in the session that can help with future professional development opportunities you will provide and/or lesson plans.
    • The following reflection questions--
      • How have the sessions contributed to a new paradigm for how learning and teaching occur in technology enabled learning environments?
      • What relevant knowledge, skills, tools, and resources will you take back to your school/district to assist with and support technology enabled learning?
      • How will you transfer learning from hands-on activities that blend skill-building and information-sharing to your own work?
      • In what ways will you leverage today‚Äôs sessions to assist in adequately preparing for the Common Core and Essential Standards and 21st Century teaching and learning supported by technology?
      • Based on your experiences today, how will you leverage collaboration, analysis, planning and evaluation of professional development to move technology enabled learning forward in your school/district?
  2. Once individuals have responded, share with those in your group to ask questions about sessions or individual reflections

Group Sharing (10 min)