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Where to Start?

Sharing the responsibility for Digital Citizenship instruction is essential. Whether you decide to implement the curriculum as a team, via cross curriculums, or confine the instruction to Technology education classes, you must think of what implementation is best for your school/classroom needs. Furthermore, you may decide to teach Digital Citizenship in complete units, breaking up the curriculum, or teaching it twice a week.

You will notice this session is full of references and media created by CommonSenseMedia. If you have not yet done so, bookmark this site: it is currently the top source of Digital Citizenship lessons, resources, media, and innovation for educators.

Get a head start on your Digital Citizenship Curriculum by looking into this Pacing Guide created by CommonSenseMedia:
CyberSmart Curriculum Overview

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What will a lesson look like?

Choose a video below to get a sneak-peak into what a Digital Citizenship Lesson could look like:

English Language Arts - Safe Online Talk, What's Safe and What's Risky
While viewing, consider the following...
  • How do the red, yellow and green cards help students make sense of situations?
  • Why are the scenarios an important part of the discussion?
  • What evidence are students using to justify their choice of red, yellow or green for a particular scenario?

Mathmatics - Creating a Snapshot of Digital Use: Video
While viewing, consider the following...
  • In what ways does the opening discussion inform the creation of the bar graph?
  • How might students use technology to improve their graphical representation and presentation?
  • How does the graphical display help students uncover patterns they may not otherwise have seen?

Planning for Digital Citizenship Curriculum Instruction:
Digital Citizenship Activities and Lessons:

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