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'Acceptable use' to 'Responsible Use'

Acceptable Use Policies and/or Responsible Use Policies (your school or district will likely have one or the other or both) act as guides for administrators, technology facilitators, media coordinators, teachers, students, and parents.

Acceptable/Responsible Use Policies (AUPs or RUPs) are important parts of a technology enriched educational initiative as they delineate a school's (or district's) perspective on safety and ethical use of learning technologies. Moreover, an instructor's Classroom Policy is very important as it translates the more global AUP/RUP into the realities of teaching in a technology rich classroom environment. Classroom Policies are very likely to reflect the discipline in which a teacher teaches as some disciplines present unique challenges when learning with technology.

They often contain:
  • A statement of philosophy about network and hardware use within the 1:1 initiative.
  • The ways in which the network may be used and its advantages.
  • The ways in which hardware (laptops, handhelds, cell phones, etc.) may be used.
  • A code of conduct for users that is consistent with national and state policy.
  • Discussion of acceptable/unacceptable use of school/district technology resources.
  • An outline for consequences of violating the AUP or RUP.
  • A disclaimer as rarely can any AUP or RUP cover all the complexities of a technology rich learning environment.

Read or watch the following resources about AUPs or RUPs.
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Aup Video
View another webinar from ncaramanico

Example AYP: http://moodle.etlo.org/pluginfile.php/55801/mod_page/content/7/Universally%20Awesome%20Highs%20AUP.pdf

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